Family Friendly

Hands On: Family Friendly is A Mariposa Policy

Please Try On Sign

Please Try On Sign

This sign encourages visitors to try on our many costumes

This sign encourages visitors to try on our many costumes While we are not a children’s museum, rather a museum for all ages, we are a wonderful and inviting place for children to explore with parents, grandparents, school field trips and summer camps.

Yes, Hands On! Our costumes are meant to be worn, puppets to be animated, instruments to be played. The few exceptions are marked by signs. Simply, anything at child level is intended to be handled, gently and with respect.

We ask all to help us treat the collection gently, play the instruments softly, hang the clothing back up neatly, untangle puppets if you have tangled them, and keep strikers beside their instrument. Please notify us of any accidental mishaps. We trust our guardian angels — with a lot of help from our friends — to enjoy and learn from our collection while keeping it safe.


Sand Painting Workshop

Sand Painting Workshop conducted by Segun Olorunfemi during Mariposa’s second birthday celebration

Sand Painting Workshop conducted by Segun Olorunfemiduring Mariposa’s second birthday celebration As part of the Mariposa Museum’s “Hands On” policy, various workshops are frequently made available for visitors where they may create their own arts or crafts, sing, dance, play instruments or perform under the helpful guidance of experts. No experience is necessary, but a creative enthusiasm is required. Come join the fun!