School Programs

School and Group Visits

The Mariposa offers a variety of field trip options, which can be tailored for students across grade levels and for groups of varying sizes. Our most popular field trip program, Children Across Cultures, introduces younger students to the ways in which children around the world accomplish the tasks of daily life, emphasizing our human similarities while giving the students a chance to handle objects, try on costumes, and imagine differences between their own experience and that of the 95% of the world’s population that lives in other parts of the world! Seasonal programs include The Day of the Dead in Mexico (in October and November) and Festivals of Light (in December). Games from Around the World is a fun and educational program which introduces games from many countries that can be played by both children and adults. Participants will learn about the origin of games like Nim, Mancala, Achi, and Tangram. Some of these games date back thousands of years ago and are still played today! We are a hands-on teaching Museum with a collection of 7,500 artifacts; we can tailor a program to meet your teaching needs and curricular goals!

Booking Field Trips and Outreach Programs

Education field trip programs at the Mariposa cost $8.00 per person with groups larger than 10 people and outreach programs (where the Mariposa comes to you) cost $125.00 per one hour program. Please call 603-924-4555 or email to schedule a field trip or outreach program. Bus grants may be available to those who qualify.

Teaching Trunks and Boxes

Our Dreaming Again Immigration Teaching Trunks can be checked out for a month at a time and are a free resource available to Middle and High School teachers in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. These trunks include artifacts, lesson plans, classroom copies of the play Dreaming Again exploring the real stories of immigrants to the Granite State, film resources, and a classroom library of fifty fiction and nonfiction volumes bringing the diversity of immigrant voices and experience to your students. Our Teaching Boxes assemble artifacts and lesson plans to turn your classroom into a hands-on learning lab exploring the material cultures of Native American tribes from the Great Plains, the Northwest Coast or the Eastern Woodlands, with other boxes representing different cultures coming soon!

Visiting Artist Program

Bring Abou Sylla, a musician, balafon builder and griot (keeper of memory and oral tradition for his community in Guinea, West Africa) to your library through a Mariposa outreach! Abou will play the balafon, sing in several languages, speak words-to-the-wise, and engage audience members in a percussion “orchestra.” This is a wonderful opportunity to experience a piece of authentic African culture — and to see how stories in countries around the world were passed from generation to generation before the invention of the written word. For more information about Abou, check out his website at! Availability is limited, so contact us ASAP if you are interested in this unique opportunity. Cost: $150 plus mileage at 50 cents per mile.