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Education Programs at the Mariposa

Our educational programs touch 3,000 people each year and promote our vision of peace and understanding across cultural boundaries far beyond the Monadnock region, welcoming schools from Massachusetts and Vermont as well as New Hampshire to our Museum and World Culture Center in Peterborough, and sending outreach programs to dozens of libraries, schools, and other museums within a 75 mile radius. We work with students of all ages, from pre-school to high school and beyond, offering free workshops to teachers and college students around diversity in the classroom, enrichment programs for developmentally disabled adults, cooking classes that allow homeschoolers to get a taste of what it’s like to live in another country, research opportunities for students and Scout troops, and a chance for seniors to travel the globe from an armchair or even a wheelchair with one of our nursing home visits. We would be happy to tell you more about any of the following programs! And thank you to all of our supporters whose generous contributions allow us to offer these fabulous educational opportunities to the people of our region and beyond.

Spring 2018 Programs Relating to Mandela Quilt Exhibit

To learn about special educational programs relating to the Conscience of the Human Spirit exhibit of quilts honoring the life of Nelson Mandela, click here or download the flyer here.

Overview of Education Programs at the Mariposa

School and Group Visits:

Our most popular program, Children Across Cultures, introduces younger students to the ways in which children around the world accomplish the tasks of daily life, emphasizing our human similarities while giving the students a chance to handle objects, try on costumes, and imagine differences between their own experience and that of the 95% of the world’s population that lives in other parts of the world! Seasonal programs include The Day of the Dead in Mexico (in October and November) and Festivals of Light (in December). Games from Around the World is a fun and educational program which introduces games from many countries that can be played by both children and adults. Participants will learn about the origin of games like Nim, Mancala, Achi, and Tangram. Some of these games date back thousands of years ago and are still played today! We are a hands-on teaching Museum with a collection of 7,500 artifacts; we can tailor a program to meet your teaching needs and curricular goals!

Library Outreach:

We develop an outreach each year to complement the theme of the national summer reading program. This year we are touring Recycled Toys and Art from Around the World and a Visiting Artist Outreach with African Musician and Griot About Sylla.


Plan Your Visit

Visit the Mariposa Museum and World Culture Center as a group of 5 or more and receive 10% off in the gift shop along with our senior discount of $6.00 per person.

Teaching Trunks and Boxes:

Our Dreaming Again Immigration Teaching Trunks can be checked out for a month at a time and are a free resource available to Middle and High School teachers in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. These trunks include artifacts, lesson plans, classroom copies of the play Dreaming Again exploring the real stories of immigrants to the Granite State, film resources, and a classroom library of fifty fiction and nonfiction volumes bringing the diversity of immigrant voices and experience to your students. New for the fall of 2015, our Teaching Boxes assemble artifacts and lesson plans to turn your classroom into a hands-on learning lab exploring the material cultures of Native American tribes from the Great Plains, the Northwest Coast or the Eastern Woodlands, with other boxes representing different cultures coming soon!

Homeschool Programs:

This year our Explorers and Discover Series homeschool students visited Cambodia, Turkey, Bali, and Guatemala with more programs scheduled for this spring!

Teacher Workshops:

Our most recent teacher workshop, Techniques for Exploring Culture, Identity, and Community in the Classroom, brought together teachers and teachers-in-training with immigrant high school student “consultants” from Manchester West High School and Genevieve Aichele of the New Hampshire Theater Project, to teach techniques for eliciting stories as a way to build connection between students of diverse backgrounds. Future workshops will continue to target teachers of all grade levels with an interest in better understanding the experiences of immigrant students in New Hampshire and in using immigration and diversity of all kinds as a learning resource for all students. Our teacher workshops are free and offer Continuing Education Units!

Youth Engaged Through Service (YES) Program:

Piloted in partnership with ConVal High School’s social studies department over the past three years, YES provides a classroom-ready curriculum for implementation in partnership with high school teachers. Students work in teams to research a local non-profit organization that works to address the social needs of the local, regional or international community, then present their case to a panel of school and community judges in competition for a $3,000 charitable grant to the nonprofit of their choice. This exceptional unit encourages young people to step beyond the familiar, engage with a world of difference, and see through the eyes of others with backgrounds and points of view different from their own. Expanding to the Keene School District for the 2015-2016 school year, YES welcomes interest from other schools interested in its proven track record of fostering compassionate citizenship!

For more information, please contact Melissa Brooks, our Director of Education, at, or at the Mariposa Museum and World Culture Center at (603) 525-3346. Visit our website’s education pages for detailed descriptions of our Youth Engaged through Service (YES) program, the Dreaming Again Immigration Teaching Trunks, our Library Outreach offerings and homeschool programs including the Homeschool Family Membership which offers free admission to our monthly programs for a year. If you homeschool and would like to receive our schedule of events by email, please contact Anna to be added to the list!

Summer Library Outreach Programs


Build a Better World! is this summer’s reading theme for libraries. The Mariposa Museum’s newest program for libraries offers the chance to get young people from your library’s community to “build a better world” through a hands-on learning program about how children and adults from around the world build toys, games, and art from recycled materials that have withstood the test of time and have become part of their culture. It’s called Recycled Toys and Art from Around the World!

This fun and educational program introduces recycled toys such as the galimoto which is a push toy made by children in Africa. It is constructed from recycled materials such as wires, corn stalks, scraps of metal, or what ever is on hand and made into cars, trucks, bicycles, trains, and helicopters. This program also introduces works of art such as a colorful cathedral from Poland made from the wrappers of hard candies! It represents the Catholic faith predominant in Poland.

Through a hands-on learning project, participants will make a galimoto of their own using pipe cleaners and recycled materials. We provide the materials! The Mariposa Museum’s Recycled Toys and Art from Around the World program will educate participants on how important recycling is to building a better world! This experience can be enhanced with books about cultures and recycled toys and art from your library or ours.
Cost: $125 plus mileage at 50 cents per mile.


Bring Abou Sylla, a musician, balafon builder and griot (keeper of memory and oral tradition for his community in Guinea, West Africa) to your library through a Mariposa outreach! Abou will play the balafon, sing in several languages, speak words-to-the-wise, and engage audience members in a percussion “orchestra.” This is a wonderful opportunity to experience a piece of authentic African culture — and to see how stories in countries around the world were passed from generation to generation before the invention of the written word. For more information about Abou, check out his website at! Availability is limited, so contact us ASAP if you are interested in this unique opportunity. Cost: $150 plus mileage at 50 cents per mile.

Please feel free to contact me at this email, at the Mariposa Museum and World Culture Center most weekdays (924-4555) if you have any questions or would like to register for a program!

Looking forward to an exciting summer!

Melissa Brooks