Works and Words Workshops

Art and Writing Workshops with Susan Brown and Patrice Pinette

The following workshops are inspired by the art of Susan Prince Thompson. Susan’s delight in things visual, tactile and verbal weaves throughout her works and words.

Writing activities will offer opportunities for collaborative wordplay as well as for deepening individual work. Two and three-dimensional art will incorporate many of the materials Susan Thompson used. Art and writing will honor multi-cultural sources and feature surprising new connections.

I think there is great mystery and power in the life of objects. ~ Susan Prince Thompson

Mysterious Life of Objects I – Still life and surreal life: Observing and reflecting on objects, we will see what is there and what is not! Writing and drawing activities will intensify our ways of looking out and gazing within.
9:00-12:00 Saturday, June 17

Mysterious Life of Objects II – Through memory and observation, we will explore the essential nature of objects. Transforming the book as object, “book boxes” will hold more than verbal treasures!
9:00-12:00 Saturday, July 15

Elemental: The Magic of Mingling – Blurring the boundaries between our senses, sensibilities and identities, we will create collaborative collages exploring the life-giving energies that arise between opposites: fire and water, earth and air, dark and light, despair and hope.
9:00-12:00 Wednesday, July 26

Letting Light In – Adding and subtracting techniques in the process of writing poetry and painting/drawing with oil pastels: moving from layers to erasures and from density to white spaces, we will explore the power of contrast.
9:00-12:00 Saturday, August 12

Mysterious Life of Objects III – Transforming found objects and composing found poems, we will reanimate that which outlived its prior purpose giving old texts and textiles another lease on life!
9:00-12:00 Wednesday, August 23

Workshop fee: $45.00 / Register at Mariposa Museum 603-924-4555

Susan Brown

Susan Brown

Susan Brown is an American contemporary painter known for her inspired abstract work that evokes the natural landscape and human forms. While Brown works from her impressions of the natural world, she also draws upon pillars of art history—such as ancient works by Buddhist and Indian artists in the East, and from Western contemporary masters Agnes Martin and Mark Rothko. Brown uses richly layered color creating dimensional luminosity or flat opaqueness, often with both expressions used in the same work.

Brown spent her early years traveling in the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe—painting, sailing and absorbing other cultures. Earning her BA from Vermont College, with a concentration in painting, Brown is an artist and author. Her work has culminated as private exhibitions of paintings, and as public site-specific art, in museums, galleries, civic and government spaces—both indoors and out in solo and group shows, since 1990.

Brown lives and works in Lyndeborough NH, with her husband, Aaron Brown. Visit her website:

Patrice Pinette

Patrice Pinette

Patrice Pinette is inspired by alchemy between the arts and collaborates with artists and musicians in workshops, readings, and exhibits. She teaches creative writing, literature, and eurythmy, which embodies the dance of language, in Waldorf high schools, CFA’s Renewal Courses, and at Antioch University New England in the Healing Arts in Education program. Patrice received her MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Her poems have appeared in literary journals and anthologies including The Inflectionist Review; Connecticut River Review; The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review; Adanna Literary Journal; Poetica Magazine; Poet Showcase: An Anthology of New Hampshire Poets, and elsewhere.

Themes that find expression in Patrice’s writing are also reflected in her workshop offerings, “With Gravity and Grace,” writing from the interplay of opposites; “Dialogue between the Senses and the Soul,” enlivening words through close observation and far-ranging imagination; and “Nature’s Alphabet,” exploring the relationship between word and world. A student describes Patrice’s class as a place where “We explored the personal and the objective, the profound and the mundane, finding color in words, also music and rhythm, longing and surprise.”