Youth Engaged through Service (YES) Program

The Mariposa welcomes interest from schools interested in bringing our YES program into their curriculum. Piloted in partnership with ConVal High School’s social studies department over the past two years, YES provides a classroom ready curriculum for implementation in partnership with high school teachers. In this unit, students work in teams to:

  • assess the social needs of the local, regional or international community
  • research non-profit organizations and programs that work to address the selected need that they believe is most important
  • and finally present an oral case to a panel of school and community judges as to how a $3000 charitable award could make the greatest impact on the issue.

The academic curriculum covers:

  • Citizenship and Values
  • Effectively Identifying and Assessing the Important Needs of a Community
  • Collaborative and Realistic Problem Solving
  • Evaluating and Choosing an Effective Nonprofit to Address a Need
  • Making a Case for Funding.

This exceptional unit encourages young people to step beyond the familiar, engage with a world of difference, and see the world through the eyes of others whose backgrounds and points of view may be very different from their own.