• Wed
    7:00 pm

    NFL athletes' recent protests of racial oppression in the U.S. has prompted pushback from the Trump administration and others, who taking a knee during the playing of the National Anthem unpatriotic. But what are the facts behind the symbols? In this first talk in a series, author, journalist, and professor Lionel Bascom examines the "pleasant fictions" around some of our most iconic ideas about U.S. history, black people, and patriotism and the world-shifting that power fact-based inquiry can offer in a world of "fake news." The Mariposa and Professor Bascom invite writers and visual artists to attend and respond creatively to these conversations in anticipation of an upcoming Mariposa exhibit! Admission: $10. Mariposa Members free.

    Lionel Bascom


    Lionel C. Bascom has been a professor of writing in Western Connecticut State University's Department of Writing, Linguistics, and Creative Process since 1987.

    As an investigative journalist, he has authored articles and stories for such publications as Money, Fortune, The New York Times, Times Mirror, the Detroit Free Press, and United Press International. He has also developed, edited, and written numerous books of nonfiction and fiction about a wide range of subjects, including the period in African American history known as the Harlem Renaissance, African-American folktales, near death experiences, banking, and organized crime His publishers include HarperCollins, Johns Hopkins University Press, Houghton-Mifflin Co., Simon & Schuster, Avon, Berkeley Books, and Greenwood Press. Professor Bascom is a two-time member of the Pulitzer Prize Jury in Journalism at Columbia University for Commentary and Political Cartoons.

  • Fri
    7:00 pm

    This concert double-header features two unique interpreters of the music of the lands once ruled by the Ottomans. The Brooklyn, NY based trio Dolunay (Turkish for “full moon”) draws upon the songs from the Turkish people living across Rumeli, the former region of the Ottoman Balkans. Dolunay’s intimate sound, sparse in loudness and textured with the dissonance of eastern blues, gives way to a sound at once earthy and celestial, the size of which defies that of the small makeup of the band. The ensemble is Jenny Luna (voice, percussion), Adam Good (ud, tambura) and Eylem Basaldi (violin).

    cesni trio

    Çeşni Trio

    The music of Boston based Çeşni Trio is grounded in the flavors (çeşniler) of Turkish makam music while remaining personal and contemporary. The ensemble guides listeners from dove-tailing contemplative melodies to odd-metered tunes that throw caution to the wind. Çeşni Trio is Tev Stevig (tanbur, ud, fretless 7-string guitar, alternatelli), Michael K. Harrist (yayli tanbur, ney, double bass) and Fabio Pirozzolo (darbuka, bendir, cajon, tombak, riq).