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  • Tue

    From Crete, Greece: Ross Daly and Kelly Thoma

    7:00 pm

    Ross Daly is a master of the Mediterranean lyra (a bowed, multi-stringed fiddle) and of modal music, music based on tones rather than western scales and reflecting influences from a region stretching from northwest Africa to Western China. Daly and fellow lyra virtuoso Kelly Thoma will share this musical magic with an intimate Mariposa audience this month. They will be accompanied by Michael Harrist (contrabass/percussion) and Tev Stevig (tanbur and plucked strings).

    ross daly and kelly thoma"Music doesn’t understand national borders," Daly says. "It grows, it travels, and it resonates. Traditions, sounds, styles all interconnect."

    Daly has spent his life exploring the possibilities and connections in modal music, recording and performing all over the globe. He is also founder of Labyrinth, an annual musical workshop in the village of Houdetsi on the island of Crete. Of Irish descent, Daly has lived there since 1975.

    Daly regularly tours the U.S. and appeared at Carnegie Hall in 2015. He has created 38 albums, and all the the last are available for free on his Web site.

    The music he writes pulls from different corners of the world. Threads of North Africa mingle with the bright, varied colors of India. Swooping melodies from the Balkans are tempered by Asian delicacy, and the whole has a transcendent quality.

    The 2017 tour is sponsored by Makam New York, Denmark Arts Center.

    Tickets are $17 in advance, $13 in advance for Mariposa members/students $20/$15 at the door. For reservations, call 603-924-4555.