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  • Fri

    Works and Words: Flying Carpets

    9 a.m. to 12 p.m.~ at Mariposa

    Art and Writing with Susan Brown and Patrice Pinette

    The following workshops are inspired by the art of Susan Prince Thompson. Susan’s delight in things visual, tactile and verbal weaves throughout her works and words.

    Susan Brown

    Susan Brown

    Patrice Pinette

    Patrice Pinette

    Writing activities will offer opportunities for collaborative wordplay as well as for deepening individual work. Two and three-dimensional art will incorporate many of the materials Susan Thompson used. Art and writing will honor multi-cultural sources and feature surprising new connections.

    I think there is great mystery and power in the life of objects. ~ Susan Prince Thompson

    Flying Carpets – Encouraged by the fantastical landscapes of Susan Thompson, we will explore wishes, dreams and journeys. Paper bag tapestries/collage will become vehicles of imagination.

    Workshop fee: $60.00 Materials fee: $10.00 / Register at Mariposa Museum 603-924-4555

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