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  • Wed

    Fall Circle: Remembering History Facilitated by Leaf Seligman

    7:00 pm

    What parts of our history do we choose to remember? How do we choose to remember? And what history do we forget, or try to forget?

    Our country is debating whether or not to remove Confederate statues. Princeton University could rename the Woodrow Wilson Center. Some cities no longer recognize Columbus Day. Plaques on buildings recognize the slaves who lived and worked there. Germany places brass-capped cobblestones, or “stumble stones”, in front of the homes that once belonged to Jewish families taken away in the Holocaust.

    At our fall Circle, we invite participants to reflect on our lives and the history, from our own life span or that of our ancestors, that we choose to remember and the history we prefer to forget.

    Admission: Free

    Leaf Seligman

    Leaf Seligman

    Leaf Seligman is an adjunct Professor at Keene State College and President of the Monadnock Restorative Community whose mission is to support women reintegrating into the community after incarceration. Leaf is the founder of Restorative Circles Services.

    In today’s world of increasing conflict, Leaf Seligman’s work in bringing together a community for respectful dialogue and understanding is ever more important.