Eyes on the Prize Documentary

Eyes on the Prize Documentary Screens in 6 Episodes at Peterborough Community Theatre

Hailed as “required watching” (New York Magazine) and “indispensable” (Time), Eyes on the Prize is a series of six, 60-minute films (by WORLD Channel) revisiting key historical moments of the Civil Rights movement. The series also explores commonalities between past and current events in the U.S. asking questions about the struggle to achieve equality today. Join us in exploring, as a community, the story of the people—young and old, male and female, northern and southern—who, compelled by a meeting of conscience and circumstance, worked to eradicate a world where whites and blacks could not go to the same school, ride the same bus, vote in the same election, or participate equally in society.

Presented by Peterborough Community Theatre, and sponsored by Mariposa Museum and NH Public Television, the series will unfold in six free screenings at the Peterborough Community Theatre at 6 School Street, in Peterborugh.

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