Education Director Position

Education Director

The Mariposa Museum invites applications for the part time position of Education Director. The selected candidate will have the opportunity to further the Museum’s mission of promoting understanding across cultural boundaries while bringing multicultural perspectives into the learning experiences of school aged children, college students, teachers, and seniors throughout New Hampshire and parts of Massachusetts.

Job Description:

The Education Director creates and teaches a wide array of programs using the Museum’s collection of art, artifacts, books and textiles, increasing awareness of the diverse peoples and cultures of the world (and in New Hampshire) while also meeting the curricular goals of schools and the needs of libraries and elder care facilities for entertaining, informative content. S/he also contributes to strategies strengthening the Mariposa as a regional resource for advancing cultural competency of all museum visitors and harnessing the power of diversity and inclusion to create more successful schools, organizations, and communities.

Specific responsibilities:

  • Delivering preexisting programs and also creating new programs for preschool and elementary age children visiting the museum on field trips and in classrooms and libraries.
  • Leading special tours and programs at the museum booked by high school, college, and adult groups including teachers, teachers in training, tour groups, etc.
  • Bringing artifacts and entertaining outreach programs on a range of topics to seniors in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
  • Marketing and administering the museum’s educational programs and resources, including the Dreaming Again Immigration Teaching Trunks and the Youth Empowered through Service (YES) Program, to teachers and schools, creating marketing and calendar content on the Mariposa website, and communicating directly with teachers, homeschool networks and families, libraries, eldercare facilities, etc., to schedule programs.
  • Developing strategies (through responsive program design and marketing outreach) for reaching new markets while keeping existing relationships strong in order to meet impact and financial targets. An ability to take a district or school wide approach through relationships and responsive programming has been proven to be effective and is important to the continued expansion of Mariposa’s impact. An interest in and ability to take a systems oriented approach to impacting how young people are educated about culture and global citizenship is an asset.
  • Researching and curating displays used for each lesson or outreach program. Some of the most frequently requested lessons are stored as units and only need to be artistically arranged and repacked. But for other programs, relevant artifacts must be researched in our digital catalog, located in the Museum’s vaults, and then replaced safely when the program is over.
  • Assisting the Executive Director and other staff in development and installation of new exhibits, the exploration of new directions in educational programming, the organization of events such as the Geography Challenge and the annual Gala fund raiser, and the day-to-day running of the Museum.


Interest in, knowledge of, and passion for world cultures and diversity and inclusion is vital to success in this position.

Experience in a classroom or other formal teaching environment is preferred, as classroom management skills will sometimes be required to hold the attention of up to fifty children. Applicants should be able to make things fun for groups of all ages, and should also possess a high degree of flexibility and the ability to read a room as teaching may need to be differentiated at a moment’s notice. Comfort with hands-on activities such as crafts and cooking with kids is an asset. Self confidence in public situations and a loud, clear speaking voice are a must.

Familiarity with Common Core Standards and the parameters within which public school teachers work will be extremely helpful in developing curriculum that speaks directly to their needs. At the same time, the Mariposa should go beyond what is currently being offered in schools, providing children access to new ideas and experiences that push their envelope.

Readiness to creatively explore new marketing strategies and better ways to interface with local and regional schools, as well as relevant experience in a field such as curriculum development or teacher training is ideal.

A significant amount of time will be spent on email, both composing descriptions and ironing out the details of programs, so the ability to write in a clear and exciting manner is essential, as is the willingness to commit time to networking and building awareness of what we do.

As our elevator does not reach the basement (it does serve three of our four floors), a certain amount of physical strength and energy is necessary to transport artifacts up and down stairs. A good visual memory and the willingness to pay meticulous attention to detail will help ensure artifacts are put away correctly and not “lost” in the wrong box or damaged.

Since we are a small organization, teamwork is essential and the flexibility to pitch in whenever and wherever help is needed will be greatly appreciated, as will ability to attend some evening or weekend events.

Connections to other cultures, international experience, or previous work with recent immigrants is preferred.

The Mariposa is committed to a diverse workplace and welcomes applications from candidates of all backgrounds.

Please send electronically a resume with cover letter to: