Traveling Exhibit: And Still We Rise

44 Stunning Story Quilts Narrating 400 Years of the African American Experience, Created by Members of the Women of Color Quilters Network

New England Tour Organized by Mariposa Museum & World Culture Center

Summary: The beautifully handcrafted quilts featured in And Still We Rise were created by an international group of artists from the Women of Color Quilters Network and narrate the history of the African American experience, capturing the stories of freedom’s heroes and engaging visitors to reflect on and respond to significant national events over the past 400 years. The exhibition’s resonant theme is the triumph of the human spirit within African American culture.

By exploring events of four centuries through the fiber artistry of women of color, the quilts of this exhibition bear witness to and relate perspectives that written history has often neglected. Through the accessibility of their colors, patterns and symbols, these quilts relate stories that enable conversations about sensitive topics from our history, furthering the conversation of racial reconciliation in America.

Hosting And Still We Rise presents an opportunity for museums and educational institutions in New England to advance conversations about diversity and inclusion, educate audiences about key historical moments through new eyes, and make a strong statement about equity and education. This exhibit can be adapted to a wide range of interest areas including history, U.S. politics, sociology, African American culture and history, women’s studies, fine art, folk art, and more.

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