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World of Chocolate! Take a tour of chocolate’s multicultural history, from its origins in ancient Mexico to its growth into a global industry. Along the way, celebrate the 50th anniversary of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Become a chocolate tester like Roald Dahl, have fun in the Wonka Inventing Room, and more! Open Tuesday – Sunday, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Adults $6, Seniors $5, Children $4, Members Free!

Immigration Teaching Trunks


Welcome, Anna Petrova, Mariposa Education Director! Learn more »
Teachers: Mariposa’s field trip programs are already filling up. Contact Anna to explore classic and new programs for your visit.
Homeschool Families: Our fall program schedule is here! Sign up for single and multi-week programs exploring West African balafon music, griot traditions, the cultures of Thailand, Russia, Sweden, Russian language, and more! Learn more »
Middle and High School Teachers: Our new Dreaming Again Immigration Teaching Trunks still have a few booking slots available this year. Containing novels, films, narratives, scripts, and teaching guides, these free resources bring today’s hot topic of immigration alive for young people. Learn more »
Mariposas Destination Raffle!

Buy your raffle tickets online for a great get-a-way to Williamsburg, New York, or Martha’s Vinyard!

Mariposas Destination Raffle!
It’s a great way to support the Mariposa and get out of town!
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