Inspring a New Generation of Peacemakers

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Each year the Mariposa nurtures curiosity about difference and the world of cultures around us in more than 2,000 school aged children.

For 16 years, we’ve been creating a space where, through the power of arts and personal connection, children can come with classrooms, in home school experiences, and with friends and family to discover, explore…and make a world of difference.

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What Theyre Saying...
​"A truly fascinating , wondrous, magical place. Thank you so much for sharing the history of writing books and fairytales that are the same in every country. Thank you also for sharing so many cultures!"— M.Blanchard, Portland ME
"Like visiting your grandmother's attic, only much more special because of the cultural variety and splendid hands on exhibits. Really enjoyed, Thanks!"— Patricia & Brent Alvey, Weare NH
"Encouragement for the people of the world to recognize their similarities, put aside their differences, embrace each other and live in peace, well done."—MO
"Our granddaughter and her grandparents loved your museum. She tried on the fairy tale clothes, he watched The Black Leopard video with fascination and I poured over the amazing photos. Thank you for all."—SHS, Nelson NH
"We loved playing the instruments! We are now members! I enjoyed the CD- Prince Ea- true messages for all."—The Henevelds
"A beautiful place that ignites the imagination and delights the senses!"—Cari Knoldes, Dallas TX
"Wonderful experience! Delightful books and displays. Loved the musical instruments!"— Danika, Milford NH
"I really liked it. I loved how you could play stuff and cant wait to come next year in fifth grade."—VT
"Beautiful! My children requested to come back. Thank you so much for inspiring creativity and knowledge."—Ginger Fennell
"We had no idea what to expect when we were told to come for the "Fairy Tale" exhibit...we loved it! Love how you portrayed the stories from different cultures and perspectives! Beautifully done and the instruments were so much fun too!"—The Vanderpools, Norfolk MA
"What a great exhibit! Beautiful, the way you intertwined cultures and history through 'Chocolate!' Very creative and truly educational. Loved it!"—Gayle Darrell, Bedford NH
"Just saw The World of Chocolate exhibit. What a delight and education. It was fascinating to learn the history of chocolate as food and delectable and the impact of chocolate and spices as driving forces of the world economy. Thanks so much. We'll send our friends."— Ron Rivera, Quincy MA


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